The 2020 Presidential Election is undoubtedly, the most important election of the century. Amid an onslought of senseless killings among unarmed African Americans by vigilante civilians and trigger-happy police and a pandemic which unveiled an enormous disparity in health care for African Americans, the country is being led by an incumbent Commander in Chief who appears “unbothered” by it all. In November, America is tasked with choosing its next leader–one who will be charged with salvaging what’s left of its Democracy. And once again, African Americans are at the forefront of each candidate’s mind, which is typical. Our role in the establishment of wealth and power in America began in August 1619, with the arrival of the first twenty slaves from Angola African, yet, we have been perpetually exempt from any of the benefits. Now, more than ever, a complete understanding of our role as stakeholders in the political process is crucial–and the Southern Strategy is a great place to start.