A deadly disease escapes the protected confines of the CDC and a Dallas house wife becomes the prime suspect in a high profile murder case. World-renowned crime of passion defense attorney, Alexandra Phillips, is called upon to handle the case. Alex has a knack for turning open and shut cases for the prosecution into not guilty verdicts for the defense. Like an episode scripted for City Confidential, the web of deception slowly unravels....With her client’s freedom hanging in the balance, Alex concedes to the fact that the only viable defense is to find the killer…                                                                                                                                                                             




Pre-Publication Reviews


Smith offers a whodunit and courtroom drama in which a defense lawyer takes the case of a woman accused of killing a sports agent.

“The story’s forensic, medical, and legal details are well researched and satisfying, and it unflinchingly addresses timely social issues, such as systemic poverty, while never allowing the pace to slacken… overall, Smith delivers a gripping novel that will leave many readers demanding a sequel…”–KIRKUS REVIEWS


Malicious Intent is a novel featuring the justice system and the malicious intent of others. This novel’s cast of characters is an interesting one. Their choices have gotten them far in life, but their loves lives is where their troubles begin…

Malicious Intent was full of drama, twists, and risks. A. L. Smith kept me on the edge of my chair waiting to see who did it, how, and why. The plot was perfectly executed. I liked how it played out. It was engaging to watch the events unfold…kept the clues hidden in plain sight.

I recommend this outstanding urban fiction novel to all readers.