First Edition Reviews: Behind Closed Doors 2

Behind Closed Doors  2 was originally released in July 2015 and received a substantial number of positive reviews. The second edition is slated for release on January 8, 2016.


Detailed, Riveting & Suspenseful making you want to read more!!! By Ali – August 6, 2015
The book was so good, I read book 2 in 1 hr on the way back from Wisconsin.
WOW!! Hands up to author A.L.Smith!!This story was wonderfully written.It was Detailed, riveting &
suspenseful. I particularly loved the way history stats were included perfectly throughout the story. They provided a view into how easy and tragic human trafficking is along w/Drugs.The cultural history added a special element giving depth to the story from another level. The reader gets to see a glimpse of the vastness of all our heritage…  Quite simply we are from All over!Again Excellent piece of work. Thank you for bringing these situations to light in away anyone can understand and possibly relate to.I can not WAIT for book 3! Talk about leaving us hanging!!! 5/5 Stars

Behind Closed Doors 2 
By Dee Cherry – July 21, 2015
Intelligently written story- not only did part 2 provide a profound storyline but gave me a vast amount of information concerning human trafficking, Louisiana/Haitian culture & drugs to name a few. It was disheartening that Dana’s adolescent years were ruined by the person she loved & trusted the most. Dana’s mother was just wicked & selfish! I loathed Mr. James! Ja’el & Miss Cookie were sent from above as they sincerely cared for Dana & played a healthy part in Dana’s resilience to carry on…Tyree’s appearance in Dana’s life was important as he was a well taught lesson. Relevant background details & character appearances from part 1 made this story complete. Kudos to A.L.Smith for such an informative read that I highly recommend! 5/5 Stars

A.L. Smith did it again!!!!! Great read!!!
By Licia Samuel – July 9, 2015
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Another great read from an awesome author!!! I waited all day yesterday and I can honestly say the wait was worth it. I was gifted book one and I wanted to get Book 2 to show appreciation for a very talented author….A. L. Smith did it again she knocked it out the ballpark. I must say I did get emotional quite a bit to not really ever know what a mother’s love feels like and to associate the wrong things with a man’s love…I enjoyed this book and looking forward to Book 3. Kudos Mrs Smith as some I know would say: You did that miss lady!!!!! 5/5 Stars

Reality kicks in
By Dee B. – August 8, 2015
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This book was excellent and I hope there will be a part 3! The book highlighted so many of today’s issues (human trafficking, drug addiction, how women get caught up in the drug game and the consequences they face, etc.) 5/5 Stars

It is so freaking good from the first to the last page
By Amazon Customer – July 14, 2015
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I bought this book yesterday and I finished this book yesterday! It is so freaking good from the first to the last page! It is a most read. Mrs. A.l. Smith did not disappoint and I cannot wait for part three! 5/5 Stars

Well Done
By Denetta Y. Banks – August 16, 2015
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A well written dramatics read. I am truly enjoying this series of book. The author is doing a great job keeping the stories flowing with great twist and turns that keep you hooked 5/5 Stats

By tammie – August 11, 2015

Loved it
By Amazon Customer – August 8, 2015
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I liked part 1 but I really loved part 2. Dana story was an roller coaster of emotions I hope there is a part 3 I gotta know what is going to happen with tyree and Dana mother. 5/5 Stars

All I can say is “Book #3 please?!”
By WWJ – July 14, 2015
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I didn’t expect Book #2 to be better than Book #1. I was captivated from the beginning to the end… Leaves you wanting more or should I say wanting Book three!!! 5/5 Stars

Family Betrayal
By Patricia Evans – September 16, 2015
The book was a good read.I Don t understad how a mother would turn on her on child and use and abuse her. I would recommend this book. I want to see a Part three. 5/5 Stars

OMG this 2nd book was amazing! I literally screamed when I read the last …
By Amazon Customer – September 4, 2015
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OMG this 2nd book was amazing! I literally screamed when I read the last line and I really hope you will finish this story. 5/5 Stars

Making the best of a dire situation
By SWilliams – August 1, 2015
Despite all that Dana had to go through she did not allow it to break her. She learned to make something good out of all the things life handed her. Looking forward to part three. 5/5 Stars

I was truly AMAZED with the educational information that was presented
By Maria Montgomery – July 11, 2015
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A.L. Smith is an author that is educated and has an outstanding imagination and it shows in Behind Closed Doors 2. She chooses to education while entertain and that is truly God given talent. She exhibits her knowledge of world events and history as she creates characters that individuals can relate to in one way or another. She is AMAZINGLY and TRULY a well-rounded author!

I anticipated the release of Behind Closed Doors Part 2 and it was all that I expected and so much more! I laughed, cried, and was educated while engulfed in the pages. Though the book is fictional it contains a lot of non-fictional information that placed the book in a category of its own. I was truly AMAZED with the educational information that was presented. Being able to understand one or more of the characters in the book made be feel like I was actually a part of the plot. Behind Closed Doors 2 described the way of life for many people and exposed valuable facts of human trafficking that needs to be known. The unknown in the book made me keep reading because I just “wanted to know!” I could go on and on about the books A. L. Smith has written so far, but I will allow individuals to judge for themselves. This book, as well as Behind Closed Doors Part 1, is a MUST READ and I promise you will not be disappointed. Buy them now and be caught up before book 3 comes out!

THANK YOU A. L. Smith for sharing your talent and I am most definitely looking forward to not only book 3, but to many more books to come. 5/5 Stars

Maria Montgomery