Update: A.L.S. Creations


Behind Closed Doors is a collection of novels depicting an array of socioeconomic issues within the urban community that negatively impact women and girls.

Update: Behind Closed Doors 1&2, which were previously released in March and July 2015, performed exceptionally well in the extremely competitive literary category of Urban Fiction. In spite of the initial success and the warm reception into the world of Urban Fiction, Dr. Smith has taken on the tedious task of re-branding and re-launching the series. Her primary goal is to capture a larger portion of her target audience, which include troubled women and girls.

In addition to re-branding and re-launching her book series, Dr. Smith is proud to announce the launching of A.L. S. Creations, LLC.The concept of giving and faith in God is the foundation of her vision for the company, which will focus on the promotion of literacy within the urban community and the provision of support and guidance for aspiring authors.